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Finding the right present or card for a wedding anniversary can be difficult. Often the celebrating couple do not want gifts or you just don't know what they want. An anniversary signature plate solves all these problems. Firstly a group of family and friends can club together for this present, each spending just a very small amount and secondly it is something very unique, allowing the gift givers to share all there very special thoughts and wishes with the happy couple.

How it Works

  • We hand paint the signature plate to your requirements, including personalised wording and send it to you together with a black pottery pen, (extras in a range of can be ordered) and full instructions.
  • At the wedding anniversary party family and friends write their names and special wishes for the anniversary couple onto the plate using the pottery pen. It is just like using a normal felt tip pen and you can rescue mistakes and add signatures at a later date.
  • Once all the messages are complete, leave to air dry for 72 hours and the messages and memories will be saved. 

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