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Paint Pottery at Home

Pottery painting is an fun activity that can be done anywhere, any time by all ages.  Our customers have done painting in Village Halls, gardens, various rooms in the house, nurseries, church halls, scout huts, classrooms, playing fields.  In fact you can do it anywhere as long as there are tables, chairs and access to water.  Even the access to water can be overcome by just using a bucket.

You do not need any specialist equipment other than brushes, water pots (plastic cups can be used) and plastic plates to use as paint palettes.

The pottery paints (underglazes) that we use are all water based so do not stain clothing or furnishings. Plus only small portions of paint are given out at a time.

Simple Ideas for Pottery Painting

Pottery painting is an activity that both children and adults can enjoy.  Bold simple patterns like stripes and spots always look effective on pottery.  Check out our ideas for creating stunning spotty designs on pottery here.  These were all created using everyday items that everyone can use.

We also have a pottery painting ideas page which includes links to the leading pottery paint and ceramic glaze manufacturers who have extensive libraries of ideas and worksheets to create stunning paint your own pottery items.  

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