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Pottery Paints

Enjoying a pottery painting experience at home is simple and straight forward. At pots of fun we offer complete kits to enable you to paint your ceramics at home. They are then returned to us for glazing and firing. 

Our underglazes are water soluable, non-toxic and safe for food use once top glazed and fired.The colours can be mixed to create the colour you require. The colours of our standard stock when fired can be seen below


Once a pottery item has been glazed you can use our ceramic pens which once set, (72 hours/ or can be baked at 100'C for 30mins) will be permanent, though they would wear of in the dish washer and if used regularly.

We also use some speciality glazes on some of our items and these can be seen below:


These are not recommended for food use as they can leave a textured surface, in which food particles could become trapped. However they look great on ornaments and other ceramic goods that are not being used as tableware.

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