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Frequently asked questions about painting hands and footprints on Pottery:

Can more the one child paint their handprint on one pottery item? 

On objects like mugs and christmas baubles you can put a hand on each side of the item.  On plates you can place them side by side.   We would recommend doing one child at a time.  It is not a problem to do them at completely separate times if that is more convenient. 

What is the youngest child you can paint hand and footprints with?

The youngest child who has printed their hands on our pottery was only 23 hours old! But please note that  With very young babies it is not always possible to paint hands because of their natural tendencies to clench their fists.  This does vary child by child and footprints are always an alternative option.


What is the oldest child you can paint a handprint / footprint on pottery?

We have done handprints on mugs for adults so children of all ages will fit on some items.  The only restriction is fitting the hand or foot on the ceramic item.  Generally feet are only small enough to fit on mugs & baubles for children under 6 months and under 3 years on plates.

How messy is the painting process? 

Painting and footprints is not messy at all if you follow our instructions. This is a two person job and we recommend you do one hand or foot at a time.  Clean up that hand or  foot and then do the next. The paint is water based and drys very quickly.  

Can you do the painting of the wording on the pottery for us?

Yes! On all of our hand and footprint kits we offer a free message painting service! simply write the name or message you want in pencil on the piece of pottery and we'll do the rest...

What happens if I mess up the painting?

Don't worry our instructions in the pottery painting kit tell you exactly what to do if you make a mistake small or large.

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