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On your Christening Day: Signature Pottery

Our signature pottery makes great gifts for weddings, anniversaries birthdays, christenings, new babies, retirement or any special occasions celebrated with our family and friends! A lovely alternative to a guest book – your unique piece of personalised pottery will remind you of everyone’s thoughts and good wishes on that special day.


On your Christening Day, Footprint Design:

Hand-painted in the centre of your pottery are baby footprints. Our most popular colours are pink or blue, but you have 11 different colours to chose from! We will paint the rim of the plate to match your chosen colour and then add your personalised message. Typically at the top will be the child's full name and at the bottom "On your Christening Day" or "Christened on" and the date. But of course we can customise your message for any occasion! A special keepsake for a special day!


Our signature pottery comes in a variety of shapes and styles, listed below:

SMALL: Up to 40 names

27cm Round Plate

27cm Round Rimmed Plate

27cm Square Plate


MEDIUM: Up to 60 Names

31cm Round Plate

31cm Round Rimmed Plate

31cm Square Plate

31cm Round Fruit Bowl


LARGE: Up to 100 Names

35cm Round Plate

35cm Round Fruit Bowl


Your piece of signature pottery will arrive in a box, with one black pottery pen and full instructions. Please see our FAQ page for more information!

On your Christening Day: Signature Pottery

Colour (Edge of Plate or Bowl)
  • After 72 hours the pottery pen names are completely food safe and permanent. These plates are not microwave safe and we reccomend handwashing.


  • This item is painted to order please allow 5-7 working days for despatch.

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