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Straight Mug and coaster kit

Paint It Yourself Tile/Coaster

Price includes:

  • A bisque mug and 10cm square tile
  • Ceramic paint in one colour (additional colour can be ordered for £1.50).  N.B: All paints are water based and non-toxic.
  • Full instructions on painting hand and foot prints, including how to rescue any mistakes
  • Glazing and firing, making paint permanent and completely food safe.
  • All delivery costs, including returning items for glazing and firing  


Please note: this tile is only big enough for footprints of babies under 3 months and handprints for children under 3 years.


For no extra charge we are happy to paint your message details. Just put the details on the item with a pencil or felt tip pen,  (these disappear in the firing process), when your return it for glazing and we will do the rest!



Straight Mug and coaster kit

Free Paint Colour
2nd Colour (Select White/None if not desired)
  • Pottery kits are normally despatched from stock within 2 working days.  Allow 5-7 working days for glazing and firing.


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