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Sushi Wavy Plate: Hand and Footprint Kit

Paint your child's hand or footprints on this lovely plate.  Our pottery painting kit includes: 

  • Square Wavy Shaped Bisque Plate 
  • Ceramic paint in one colour (additional colour can be ordered for £1.50).  N.B: All paints are water based and non-toxic.
  • Full instructions on painting hand and foot prints, including how to rescue any mistakes
  • Glazing and firing, making paint permanent and completely food safe.
  • All delivery costs, including returning items for glazing and firing  


For no extra charge we are happy to paint a personalised message!

Just put the details on the item with a pencil or felt tip pen (these disappear in the firing process) when your return it for glazing and we will do the rest!

Sushi Wavy Plate: Hand and Footprint Kit

Free Paint Colour
2nd Colour (Select White/None if not desired)
  • Pottery kits are normally despatched from stock within 2 working days.  Allow 5-7 working days for glazing and firing.


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