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Signature Plates - Tips to make them look great!

The Ceramic Pen

Ceramic pens contain special ink for writing and drawing on glazed pottery and ceramics.  This ink on the plate becomes food safe and permanent after 72 hours of air drying, however you can speed up this process by baking your plate in the when the plate is baked in your oven for 35 minutes at 150°C (full instructions will be included in your kit!)

Store the ceramic pens flat before the event. Shake well before use. Take off the sealing tape. Pull of lid. Press down firmly but slowly on the felt nib until the ink flows. You may need to do this a few times, before the white nib starts to change colour.  Do NOT jab it hard otherwise it will flood and you will lose all the ink. Signatures take a few minutes to be touch dry, be careful not to smudge a recently written message.

We recommend that you test the ceramic pen a few days before your event. In the rare situation that the pen does not work, we then have time to send you another ceramic pen. If this is the case please call us on 01234 860810 and we will send you a replacement.

At your Event

  1. We recommend you ask someone to act as a host for the signature plate. Their role is to 

    • Make sure everyone signs the plate. 

    • Help out if anyone makes a mistake on the plate. 

    • Remind guests to write small enough so everyone has space. 

    • Look after the ceramic pens. 

    • Package the plate in the presentation box when the signing is finished 

    • Make sure the plate gets home in one piece. 

  2. Ideally get everyone to sign the plate at the beginning of the event, it can then be put away and forgotten about until you want to look at the memories. 

If Mistakes Happen

If you notice the mistake immediately then wipe of with a damp cloth.  After 10-20 minutes you might need to scrape it off.  After 72 hours the pen should be permanent and cannot be removed. 

Baking your Signature Plate

You no longer have to bake you plate, after 72 hours air drying, Marabu our ceramic pen manufacturers say the ink is permanent and dishwasher safe.  However if you want to speed up this process or be extra sure it is permanent then you can bake your signature plate.

  1. Allow the signatures to dry for at least 24 hours before baking. 

  2. Put plate in a cold oven. 

  3. Turn the oven to 150°C , (Gas Mark 2, 300°F). Bake for 35 minutes. 

  4. Switch off oven, LEAVE plate in oven to cool for at least 1 hour. Enjoy the greetings.

Do all the names need to be put on at the same time?

No, you can put the names on over several days or weeks, but do not bake the plate until you have all the names on the plate. 

We have lost the ceramic pen, can we use just any pen to write on pottery?

Sorry No, the ink in these ceramic pens is special, if you have lost the pottery pen you can order extras from here on our website 

We would like to draw pictures on the plate, is this possible?

Absolutely yes, the ceramic pens are as easy to use as felt tip pens so let your artistic ideas run wild.  We also have other colours of ceramic pens available to order from our website if you want to get even more creative. 

Do these ceramic pens work on any type of pottery?

YES, these Marabu ceramic pens can be used to write on any type of porcelain, china or glassware.  The surface just needs to be grease free and heat resistant (otherwise they will melt when baked!).  This means you can customise any piece of pottery, porcelain or ceramics.   We would recommend that items are not washed in a dishwasher even after baking.  Marabu the manufacturer say the ink is dishwasher safe after 72 hours of air drying, but it would be dreadful if a unique message or drawing was damaged in the dishwasher. 

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